University event goes 'weird' as George Floyd called 'God's chosen vessel'

 May 23, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

George Floyd is recognized by almost everyone in America as the black man who died at the hands of Minneapolis police in a confrontation that eventually triggered race riots that caused billions of dollars in damages across the U.S.

He was a college dropout who had multiple drugs in his body at the time he died. He served several years in prison after having been convicted of eight crimes, including aggravated robbery in a home invasion.

He also had convictions for drug possession, theft, and trespass.

The confrontation that resulted in his death, for which police officers were convicted, resulted when he was suspected of using a counterfeit $20 bill in a Minnesota store.

But it's a different characterization being given to him at an event in his honor at Arizona State.

There, a speaker deified him, insisting, "George Floyd died for us, each one … God chose him. He was a chosen vessel."

A report at Not the Bee reported, "In the past, godly men and women were chosen to be honored by church leaders for their close walk with Jesus Christ. They healed the sick, defied tyrants, modeled virtue, traveled over land and sea to reach the lost, and helped the poor and oppressed. But today, in the Year of Our Floyd 4, we honor violent serial convicts who point guns at pregnant women, use counterfeit money, and resist arrest while sitting in a car with their drug dealer. We even honor the holy relics that were used in their cause!"

The report cited the presence of fentanyl, meth, weed, nicotine, and more when he died, and commented, sarcastically, "He was knelt on for our transgressions, he was handcuffed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his overdose, we are healed."

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