Report reveals University of Delaware received millions in anonymous Chinese donations after establishing Biden Institute

It has long been suspected by some that President Joe Biden is beholden to and compromised by the communist regime in China, and more circumstantial evidence to bolster those suspicions has just been unveiled.

Now it has been shown that the University of Delaware has received at least $6.7 million in anonymous donations from China ever since Biden established a special institute at that school in his name, Breitbart reported.

That news comes on the heels of similar revelations about how the University of Pennsylvania, which hosts the Penn Biden Center, saw its own anonymous donations from China almost triple after that center had been established by the former vice president.

Secret Chinese funding

According to an analysis conducted by the Government Accountability Institute, then-former Vice President Biden, just two months after leaving office, established in March 2017 the Biden Institute at the University of Delaware.

Prior to then, the school had never before reported any funding from Chinese sources, but roughly one year after the Biden Institute was opened, UD received in April 2018 an anonymous donation from China in the amount of $3.2 million, followed by another anonymous Chinese donation of $1.8 million in December 2018, and then a year later, a third anonymous donation from China for more than $600,000.

Then, during the 2020 election season, UD received three more anonymous donations from an entity believed to be linked to the Chinese government that totaled more than $1 million, with one of those donations for more than $900,000 coming after Biden had been declared the winner of the election.

Hunter Biden played key role in establishing think tanks

The GAI analysis also looked into the formation of the Biden Institute at the University of Delaware and found that Hunter Biden played the lead role in coming up with the idea while his father was still the vice president and swiftly transforming it into reality after he left office, according to emails retrieved from his abandoned laptop.

The admitted purpose of the Biden Institute, as well as the Biden Penn Center, was to help promote the “Biden brand” and spur “wealth creation” for the family with an eye toward maximizing Joe Biden’s “future earnings potential.”

Interestingly enough, the plan for the think tanks was modeled after the Clinton Global Initiative, albeit “without the money raise” — a reference to the fact that former President and first lady Bill and Hillary Clinton had to raise their own funds through donations — and emails indicate that funding would come largely from the school … allegedly through the sudden influx of millions in donations from anonymous Chinese donors.

Meanwhile, the GAI had already determined that the University of Pennsylvania had similarly received a massive surge in funding from anonymous donors from China following the creation of the Penn Biden Center, and coincidentally enough, that school had also successfully lobbied Attorney General Merrick Garland to end special Justice Department investigations into alleged Chinese espionage at colleges and universities across the country.

New emphasis on demand to scrutinize Biden Senate records held by UD

Separate but relatedly, and in light of President Biden’s developing classified documents scandal in which classified documents from his time as vice president and senator have been found stored in unauthorized locations such as his Wilmington, Delaware home and the Penn Biden Center office in Washington D.C., new attention has been drawn to the University of Delaware’s possession of Biden’s Senate records and papers.

The National Legal and Policy Center in January called upon the recently appointed special counsel to thoroughly search the more than 1,800 boxes of materials and more than 400 gigabytes of digital records for any classified documents that should have been stored with the National Archives.

“This scavenger hunt for classified documents has been a total farce and insult to the American people,” NLPC Chairman Peter Flaherty said. “The House Oversight Committee, Special Counsel, and NLPC’s FOIA investigation need to get to the bottom of Biden’s mishandling classified information.”

Given the now-revealed Chinese funding for the two universities in relation to the Biden think tanks/wealth creators, perhaps the special counsel ought to take a close look at the finances of those two schools for any potential illegalities or evidence of corrupt dealings involving the Biden family and their associates.

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