Undocumented immigrant arrested for distributing child pornography

The anti-illegal immigration case being made by Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democrats just took another massive hit.

An illegal immigrant in Louisiana has been arrested and charged with distributing child pornography.

Illegal Activity By Illegal Immigrants

Sadly, criminal activity among illegal immigrants is something we see far too often these days in the United States.

Nery Wilfredo Lopez Alvarado was allegedly involved in one of the most horrific crimes known to man, right up there with rape and murder.

Alvarado, 34, was allegedly distributing pornography featuring children under the age of 13.

Attorney General Jeff Landry stated, “Unfortunately, this type of arrest is nothing new to law enforcement.”

Lifelong Damage

Crimes such as this outrage Americans for many reasons. At the top of the list is the fact that most of the children involved have emotional damage that will follow them around for the rest of their lives.

Some will go through their entire life with therapy just to be able to exist.

Others will go down this path themselves, violating other children simply because they believe there is nothing abnormal or wrong with such behavior because it happened to them.

We have enough problems in this country without having illegal immigrants add to it, especially when it comes to crimes of this nature.

Landry stated, “Crimes against children inflict continuous and life-long damage. So, we will never waver in doing all that we legally can to bring child predators to justice.”

However, Nancy Pelosi and her coalition of anti-Trump lawmakers would have us all ignore incidents like this in their relentless quest to prevent President Trump from his attempts to protect our borders from these kinds of criminals.

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