Newly uncovered emails shed light on 2018 Lion Air Flight 610 crash

Over a year after Lion Air Flight 610 crashed into the Java Sea, taking the lives of all 189 souls on board, the horrifying details about the cause of the accident are finally coming out. 

Flight 610 was a Boeing 737 Max, a new plane at the time that pilots may not have been adequately trained to fly. And according to a report from Breitbart, Boeing itself may be culpable for the accident.

Simulator training stopped

Recently published emails from employees at Boeing show the company stopped Lion Air from training its pilots for the 737 Max, Forbes reports.

Boeing’s 737 Chief Technical Pilot Mark Forkner insisted that simulator training was unnecessary. He was even ready to battle regulators.

“I want to stress the importance of holding firm that there will not be any type of simulator training required to transition from NG to MAX. Boeing will not allow that to happen,” Forkner wrote in one email. “We’ll go face to face with any regulator who tries to make that a requirement.”

Simulator training apparently was seen as an undue burden on airlines. And Lion Air pilots undergoing training would establish a precedent for other 737 Max customers.

One employee went so far as to allege that Lion Air “might need a sim to fly the MAX, and maybe because of their own stupidity.”

Bad times for airlines

The conduct of Boeing’s employees is shocking and raises concerns about their stance toward safety.

Airline safety is an important factor in passengers’ minds right now. With Iran shooting down a civilian aircraft last week, the public eye is acutely aware of the risks of air travel.

Boeing’s employees discouraging airlines from training pilots is a serious concern. All 189 passengers on Flight 610 died in that crash, a tragedy that may have been preventable.

Even more disturbing is the fact that the emails also reveal that a Boeing employee wrote: “This airplane [737 Max] is designed by clowns, who in turn are supervised by monkeys.” Other emails reveal systematic lying and manipulation within the company to circumvent regulations, according to Breitbart.

With this new and disturbing evidence, it might be time for government regulators to start actually investigating Boeing.

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