'Unadulterated evil': State declares 'war' on parents over genders

April 17, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Leftist school administrators and teachers long have promoted the LGBT lifestyle choices to children, and in recent months have doubled down on the "transgender" element, often telling children they should become the opposite sex.

The themes appear in school plays, math lessons, and physical education and sports events, where schools have openly allowed males to be in locker rooms where girls are required to change clothes.

Many fights have developed because schools have concealed from parents their actions and the possible damage to unsuspecting children.

But now one state has gone much further.

In fact, a commentary in the Washington Examiner says "Washington state declares transgender war against parents" and warns that the "unadulterated evil" "must not stand."

It explains that a legislative plan there "allows licensed youth shelters to harbor a child against parents’ wishes while proceeding with sex-change procedures or abortions."

It continues, "Put another way, not only will parents have no say in the life-altering decision of girls and boys to defy their biological gender (or to kill a human life), but the children can be kept away from their parents and homes."

report at Breitbart explains the bill actually "would prevent parents from intervening in their child’s decision to receive gender transition treatments."

The bill would allow those transgender "treatments," which include body mutilations, or abortion without any requirement that "host homes" even tell parents what is going on with their child.

It allows, "Gender affirming treatment can be prescribed to two-spirit, transgender, nonbinary, and other gender diverse individuals," adding that "affirming care" can be puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgeries.

Republican opposition to the ideology focuses on the fact that it strips parents of their rights as well as promotes child abuse.

The Examiner's commentary explained, "Note well: This is not meant to be a rare escape hatch for cases meeting the legal definition of parental abuse or neglect. Instead, it treats the mere possibility of parental opposition to 'gender transition' as the very equivalent of abuse. The automatic assumption is in favor of the gender transition at least temporarily desired by a child or adolescent — age groups not necessarily known for wisdom or for consistency of emotions — and against consultation with parents."

The Examiner said, "Who do these legislators think they are, to put their supposed 'love' for unknown children ahead of the natural love parents have for their own? The unmitigated gall is outlandish. Let’s get some things straight. Yes, government, in its protective role, has a responsibility to protect children from abuse, neglect, or unalterably life-changing decisions. But by all standards of reason and decency, that responsibility outweighs parental prerogatives only, repeat only, an extremist."

It continued, "To repeat, and to put it plainly, this bill is not just wrong; it is in the realm of evil. When the government, without a shred of evidence of parental abuse or incapacity, blocks parents from contact with emotionally conflicted children, while helping the children get 'treatment' to change their very identities, that government has become a totalitarian menace."

Democrats have promoted the bill as necessary to pursue their LGBT agenda.

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