Ukrainian official confirms George Soros was helping Clinton win in 2016

As members of the left continue to look for that which doesn’t exist — evidence of President Donald Trump colluding with Russia — evidence exposing the real conspirators continues to pour in.

There is now proof that a government agency linked to the liberal billionaire George Soros was actively helping Hillary Clinton to become president.

Plot revealed

The Trump-Russia investigation was prompted in part by the activities of Paul Manafort, Donald Trump’s former campaign manager.

But U.S. intelligence agencies only investigated Manafort after documents were released by Ukraine’s National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU).

The documents, which contained evidence of $12.7 million in kickbacks that Manafort received from pro-Russian president Victor Yanukovych, were made public in March 2017 by the Ukraine Crisis Media Center, a group founded by the Ukranian government and funded by George Soros.

Its mission: to put the “correct” spin on the news.

From there, the documents went to the Clinton campaign, and then to Yahoo! News, who published one of the first articles on potential “collusion with Russia.”

Manafort resigned as Trump’s campaign manager the next day.

Following the chain

The documents then reportedly went to Fusion GPS, now infamous for its role in obtaining the Christopher Steele dossier. They were subsequently sent to the Department of Justice (DOJ), who used them to begin surveillance on Trump’s campaign.

In other words, documents that the staunch liberal George Soros helped make public were used to spy on Trump’s campaign. But that’s not all.

Another Soros NGO, the Ukrainian Anti-Corruption Action Center (AntAC), also played a pivotal role. That group reportedly worked with the Obama administration to shield the group from a Ukranian investigation into $4.4 million of U.S. funding that went missing.

A prosecutor says that he was given a list of “people whom we should not prosecute.”

“The implied message to Ukraine’s prosecutors was clear: Don’t target AntAC in the middle of an American presidential election in which Soros was backing Hillary Clinton to succeed another Soros favorite, Barack Obama, Ukrainian officials said,” the prosecutor explained.

Thus, a plot has emerged: Soros, Clinton, the Ukranian government, and the Obama DOJ were working to ensure that Clinton became president. Thankfully, it was all for naught.

Where’s justice?

According to Ukranian law enforcement, they have tried to share this information with the U.S. DOJ, but have been unable to do so.

“We were supposed to share this information during a working trip to the United States… However, the [U.S.] ambassador blocked us from obtaining a visa,” said Deputy Head of the Prosecutor General’s International Legal Cooperation Department Kostiantyn Kulyk. “She didn’t explicitly deny our visa, but also didn’t give it to us.”

What was once a conspiracy theory, now appears to have become a fact. It’s about time that the guilty parties are held accountable.

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