Ukrainian military carries out successful drone strike on portion of Russian convoy

A week ago, most people were presumably under the impression that Vladimir Putin would use his vast, superior Russian military to crush neighboring Ukraine with relative ease, in a short amount of time.

Unfortunately for the commie dictator, that has proven far from reality. According to the U.K. Independent, the bravery and cunning of the Ukrainian military was once again on display over the weekend as they launched a successful drone strike on part of an incoming Russian convoy of military vehicles, blasting them to smithereens.

Footage from the reported strike was uploaded to social media and immediately went viral, giving Ukraine a massive boost of morale in the process.

Air Force confirms

According to The Wall Street Journal, the Ukrainian Air Force confirmed the successful strike, indicating that the Ukrainian military used two Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2 drones to carry it out.

The video, which was originally uploaded by the Ukrainian Embassy in Ankara, showed what appeared to be dozens of Russian armored vehicles, including tanks, being blown away, marking yet another setback for Putin and his sluggish Russian military advance.

“Never a rose without a thorn,” the embassy captioned one of the tweets. “Russian invaders have to put up with Bayraktar TB2s.”

The strike was reportedly carried out in Chornobaivka, in southern Ukraine, which is said to be one of the hot spots for ongoing fighting between the two countries.

The TB2 drones used in the strike are well-built and can stay in the air for an impressive 24 hours, with drone operators able to control them from nearly 200 miles away in good weather. The drones have given the Ukrainian military a distinct defensive advantage as the high-definition cameras on board provide real-time intelligence of Russian troop and vehicle movements.

Russia strikes back

According to the Associated Press, late-breaking reports from Monday night into Tuesday indicated that the Russian military has stepped up their attacks on cities across Ukraine, even shelling and bombing a number of residential areas, breaking Putin’s vow to minimize civilian deaths.

President Zelensky called the strikes a “campaign of terror,” and in an early-morning statement on Tuesday, said directly to Russia, “Nobody will forgive. Nobody will forget.”

Russian forces are expected to encircle the capital city of Kyiv in the coming days, likely with the hopes of finally capturing it, as they’ve been unable to do so at this point thanks to stiff resistance from both the Ukrainian military and a determined, massive fighting force made up of patriotic Ukrainian citizens who’ve taken up arms in the fight to protect their homeland.

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