Ukrainian defenders desperately hold on to Kyiv despite overwhelming odds

A desperate battle for Kyiv is raging and despite the heroic actions of the Ukrainian defenders, the capital falling to Russian forces is a matter of when not if.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky gave a grim analysis of the situation saying, “According to our information, the enemy has listed me as target No. 1 and my family — as target No. 2. They want to destroy the country politically, terminating the head of state.”

Kyiv will likely fall as Russia desperately attempts to crush Zelensky and the Ukrainian government. The city defenders are simply outmanned, outgunned, and surrounded.

Russia throwing everything at Kyiv

Vladimir Putin was expecting a quick victory through overwhelming force, and he clearly didn’t expect Ukrainian armed forces to last this long nor put up this such an effective resistance.

Ukraine has bled Russia badly, and according to the Ukrainian military, roughly 4,500 Russian troops have been killed. Of course, those figures are unconfirmed, and an accurate assessment of casualties will be impossible for some time.

Ukrainian fights have also disabled and destroyed significant numbers of mechanized armor and equipment. Amazingly, Ukraine has managed to maintain a reasonable air presence and has shot down several Russian aircraft.

Ukraine has been able to mount a defense both on the ground and in the air and that has led to a slow grinding war of attrition between Ukraine and Russia.

Russia simply cannot afford a long war and the solution to this grinding war that they are embroiled in is getting to Zelensky.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba told Fox News in an interview that “We will fight. This is our land. These are our people. Yes, we are facing a much stronger force against us, but we are fighting on our soil for our land. And there were many cases in the history of the world where a smaller nation would prevail over a bigger one simply because it was fighting on the right side of history.”

Writing is on the wall

The writing is on the wall for Ukraine; unless something drastic happens, Kyiv will eventually fall. The only question is what price Russia will have to pay for victory.

Many Ukrainian officials are hopeful but also resigned to the likely Russian victory. That attitude seems to have spurred Ukraine’s defenders on to greater efforts to bleed the Russians for everything they have.

No matter what, Russian victory will be hollow when all the casualties and losses are tallied up. Furthermore, the losses from the economic pressure put on Russia by the international community will eventually make their presence known. All that we can do now is watch and hope for something drastic to shift the balance of power in Ukraine’s favor.

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