Leaked audio shows Ukraine worked with Hillary campaign in 2016 election

The sleight of hand by the Democrat party is proving to be quite impressive.

While Hillary Clinton and company were accusing Donald Trump of collusion with Russians, it actually appears as though Hillary and the Democrats may have been working with Ukraine during the 2016 presidential election.

Leaked Audio

The smoking gun for these allegations was provided by Boryslav Rozenblat, the Ukranian PM.

According to Rozenblat, Artem Sytnyk, who is the Head of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU), leaked information to the Hillary campaign.

The damaging audio is featured below…

If we are to take this information at face value, this very information may have been what was used to bring the original allegations against Paul Manafort.

Why Help Hillary?

The audio tells the story.

As far as the Ukranians were concerned, electing Hillary to office was far more beneficial than Trump.

The men in the audio stated that Trump’s agenda was good for Americans, while Hillary’s was good for the world.

They also clearly knew Trump was having problems with the FBI at the time and openly questioned why he could not get past the investigation.

Of course, we now know that may have been because the FBI withheld possible exculpatory statements and insisted pressing on against Trump regardless of the actual facts in the case.

If this audio is proven to be authentic, an investigation must be opened up into Hillary and her campaign much in the same way Donald Trump and his campaign have been investigated.

It is time to open the book on Hillary Clinton, her campaign, how it was financed, as well as the financing of the Steele dossier the FBI used to secure FISA warrants.

The only problem is the Democrats currently control the House, so leadership will more than likely block any efforts made to bring Hillary to justice.

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