UK minister resigns amid scandal over authorities’ treatment of immigrants

It would appear as though governmental leaks are not only a problem here in the United States, but also in the UK.

As a matter of fact, it was a series of leaks about “mistreatment” of immigrants that resulted in the resignation of UK Interior Minister Amber Rudd.

The Leak

According to reports, the Guardian was about to publish a story that would have put conservative leadership in a very bad light.

The “leaked” story was specifically looking at a group of immigrants that came to Britain in 1948.

Liberals were pushing the narrative these immigrants were going to be kicked out of the country, but that was not the case.

Leadership has already committed to creating a path to citizenship for “Windrush” generation immigrants.

These were Caribbean migrants legally given the right to settle in the UK because they were helping to rebuild the UK after World War II.

In addition, both Rudd and May (the prime minister) has said these citizens will also be compensated for hardships.

Liberals Fighting Immigration Policy

The UK has stiffened its immigration policies with more conservative leadership in place.

That stance has been fought tooth and nail by liberals in the government.

The UK is very much having the same fight we are having here in the United States on this matter.

The leaked story and the Rudd resignation are now going to be used as a war cry for liberals to justify loosening immigration policies by the UK government.

Why Rudd?

Rudd made herself an easy target for liberals based on one of her very first appearances.

While making a speech at a conference not long after taking office, Rudd wanted to call out those violating immigration policies.

She literally called for a “name and shame” policy to bring to light any companies employing foreign workers rather than UK citizens.

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From that moment, Rudd had a target on her head and her forced resignation would seem to prove this thought process correct.

Sit up and take notice UK conservatives, because you are officially under the same attack as conservatives here in the United States.

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