UFC superstar Jon Jones arrested in Las Vegas on domestic violence charge

For fans of mixed martial arts, specifically the UFC league, Jon Jones is one of the most well-known, now hall of fame champions of the sport.

Unfortunately for the fighting legend, it appears as if he’ll also continue to be known for his criminal record. According to the Daily Caller, Jones was recently charged with “misdemeanor battery domestic violence and felony injuring or tampering with a vehicle.”

Notably, his arrest, which happened in Las Vegas on Friday night, came shortly after he was inducted into the UFC’s hall of fame, though further details haven’t been made available as of yet.

UFC president reacts

Dana White, president of the UFC, issued a statement shortly after Jones’ arrest.

“It’s hard to bring this guy to Las Vegas, for any reason. This city is not good for Jon Jones and here we are again. It’s not even shocking anymore,” White said.

White added: “When we bring him here, it’s almost expected. We can’t even get him to Las Vegas for less than 12 hours and induct him into the Hall of Fame. It’s a problem. This guy’s got a lot of demons, man, a lot of demons.”

Rocky history

Jones has a history of run-ins with law enforcement, as in March of 2020, Jones was arrested in New Mexico on a serious DUI charge, which landed him probation and house arrest.

The fighter, who is regarded as one of the best to ever fight in the Octagon, has also been involved in a felony hit-and-run incident, and has failed a number of drug tests in the past, according to ESPN.

Jones’ adviser, Richard Schaefer, issued a preliminary statement to ESPN regarding his recent Las Vegas arrest.

“The facts are still developing. We really don’t know yet the full story, so I’m not going to make any comment until I have a chance to talk to Jon and until we see how this plays out,” Schaefer said.

He’s currently being held on an $8,000 bail at the Clark County Detention Center.

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