Former UFC fighter Phil Baroni arrested in Mexico, charged with murder of girlfriend

A former mixed martial arts fighter, Phil Baroni, has been arrested in Mexico on an accusation that he murdered his girlfriend on New Year’s Eve, the Daily Caller reported.

Baroni, 46, is alleged to have drunkenly beaten the unnamed woman to death after reportedly learning of her alleged infidelity against him with another man.

Arrested and charged

TMZ reported on Wednesday that Baroni is currently being held in custody by Mexican authorities who have charged him with murder, and though he has acknowledged getting into a physical altercation with the woman while intoxicated with drugs and alcohol, he has not admitted to having killed her.

The fatal incident had first been reported on Tuesday by the Spanish-language Mexican media outlet Tribuna De La Bahia, which noted that police had found the woman naked and unresponsive and covered by a sheet in a bed, with her body showing numerous bruises and markings indicative of a physical beating.

Baroni is alleged to have actually summoned police to the residence himself and to have admitted to them that he got into a drunken altercation with the woman when he found out that she had allegedly been cheating on him.

Baroni’s account of what happened

The former UFC fighter reportedly told the police that he had forcibly thrown her into the shower, whereupon she hit her head, after which he helped her out of the tub and into a bed.

He further stated to authorities that he then removed her presumably wet clothes and wrapped her in a blanket because she was cold after having been thrown into the shower.

Baroni then claimed to have left the residence to go buy beer and cigarettes, at her request, but that she was asleep and unresponsive when he eventually returned.

However, photos shared by the Mexican media outlet revealed that police noticed and took pictures of Baroni’s red and swollen knuckles, which would seemingly coincide with the sort of minor injuries an assailant might suffer after physically beating another person.

Trouble with the UFC?

Unfortunately, Sports Illustrated reported that this news of Baroni’s arrest for allegedly beating his girlfriend to death coincides with reports and video of UFC President Dana White slapping and shoving his wife, Anne, while the pair were on vacation in Mexico last month — an incident for which an “embarrassed” White has apologized

As for Baroni, the MMA Fighting website reported that he was a fighter in the UFC for 19 years and compiled a record of 16-19 before retiring from the octagon in 2019.

During that career, he competed in some of the sport’s top promotions, such as “the UFC, Pride FC, Strikeforce, Bellator, ONE Championship, and more.”

Though apparently never winning a title of his own, Baroni fought a few former champions, was a “pioneering” star in UFC’s early days, and gained fame for a stunning 18-second knockout of another fighter.

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