Uber, Lyft driver suspended without pay after he secretly live-streamed passengers online

Uber and Lyft are about to have a nightmare scenario on their hands.

A driver working for both Uber and Lyft services in St. Louis was secretly live-streaming video of his passengers online.


Jason Gargac, the driver in question, was no doubt inspired by shows like “Taxi Cab Confessions.”

Gargac was reportedly live-streaming from his car while taking both Uber and Lyft fares.

The problem, though, was that he was doing so without ever letting his passengers know.

Thanks to our Constitution, this is considered an invasion of their privacy.

The difference in what Gargac was doing versus TCC was the latter was getting release forms to grant them permission after the ride was finished.

In addition, those riders were often given the ride free of charge.

Gargac, on the other hand, was doing it without the rider’s knowledge, was not getting a release form, nor was he comping the ride.

Quite the contrary, actually.

Gargac was using a Twitch account for the rides and even had people paying subscriptions to see his live stream on a regular basis.

He even discussed the lack of privacy in one of his youtube videos, where he discusses having the camera running while showing up at people’s address, hence making their location known to everyone.


It did not take long for riders to catch on to what he was doing.

Once word got out Gargac was live-streaming without permission, riders started to come after him full-force.

In addition, Uber and Lyft reportedly suspended him from driving for them.

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That is going to the least of his worries, though, as he is more than likely about to see a slew of lawsuits show up in his mailbox.

He may also face legal repercussions from Uber and Lyft, as ridership may suffer due to his ill-advised reality cab show.

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