U.S. reclaims title of most competitive economy in the world

When President Donald Trump was first running for office, a significant part of his promise to Make America Great Again was his vow to jump-start the economy to such an extent that we’d get tired of so much “winning.”

In that, he has most certainly succeeded, as the soaring U.S. economy has reclaimed the top spot as the world’s most competitive economy. 

Encouraged by the continued economic growth, Trump tweeted on Monday:

According to Bloomberg, the U.S. economy under Trump has jumped from fourth place to first, past the roaring economies of both Singapore and Hong Kong to reclaim the top spot that had been lost in 2015 under the previous administration of former President Barack Obama.

That ranking was produced by the Switzerland-based IMD World Competitiveness Center, which compares a number of economic metrics across the board to reach an average and then ranks the world economies accordingly.

It was noted that the U.S. led the pack when it came to fast economic growth as well as a “supportive atmosphere scientific and technological innovation,” not to mention the improved domestic economy, international investment and scientific infrastructure.

Townhall took a more Trumpian look at the “yuge” news and pointed out a number of factors that have led to the surging economy that are directly attributable to the president’s agenda and policies.

First and foremost are the tax cuts for both individuals and corporations, followed closely by deregulation that has unleashed U.S. businesses and made them more competitive on the global market, which in turn has granted Trump leverage to negotiate better trade deals for the U.S.

As a result of those and other things, America has seen its Gross Domestic Product grow at a 4.1 percent rate in the second quarter — the “experts” said 2 percent growth was the “new normal” we should just accept — while consumer and small business confidence in the economy, as well as the stock market, have soared to high levels not seen in years.

More than three million jobs have been created since Trump took office and the unemployment rate has reached an 18-year low — all-time historic lows for black and Hispanic Americans — and there are actually now more jobs available than active job seekers to fill them.

On top of that, wages for workers are finally rising, albeit at a slower pace that continues to lag behind the other metrics.

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Say what you will about Trump’s ability to act “presidential,” his social media habits, temperament, or his virtual war with the liberal media, but one thing is undeniable — the president knows how business and economics work in the real world, and he is proving it on a near-daily basis.

Trump promised to make America an economic powerhouse again and the policies he has implemented thus far have most certainly set us on a course to surpass even the most optimistic of predictions in that regard … and we aren’t even at the midway point of his first term yet.

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