U.S. military offering recruits ‘three Rs’ camp before boot camp

Much of the U.S. military, including the Army, has gone woke. And at the same time, recruitment is plunging.

So officials are expecting to take a crop of candidates with a wider range of skills and abilities.

That means they are now offering a boot camp to prepare for boot camp.

According to Foreign Desk News, the Army wants to “give potential recruits just short of meeting physical or academic standards the minimal boost needed to join the military.”

One-on-one instruction, military teachers helping students with math, and such now are on the agenda.

“Some of the students engaging in this course have reported that during the COVID pandemic, they were slow to learn and could not ask questions in class, resulting in them being unable to understand test questions. Those who have made it into the Army temporarily have the military paying for their housing and food for up to 90 days while they obtain tutoring to lift their scores. Regarding the issue of health, the Army has provided an intensive diet and health program for individuals with body fat levels over the Army regulations,” the report explained.

Those who are aiming for the new training are those who are on the “margins” of being qualified for acceptance, the report said.

The military already cited obesity rates, lower test scores, drug usage and more are becoming more and more of a problem.

So far, the results have seen three-quarters of the first class come out with better test scores, and a good number of participants have hit their weight-loss goals.

Plans also have been made to expand the outreach efforts around the country.

Recruitment moved into the “problem” category during COVID when recruitment plunged from its 2020 levels.

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