U.S. Homeland Security takes action on terror-lovin' Israel-hater in key job

October 23, 2023
World Net Daily

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The Department of Homeland Security has put a pro-Hamas radical on leave after it was reported that she posted a series of extremist, pro-Hamas, and Israel-hating social media posts culminating in a "paragliding" "Free Palestine" graphic celebrating the Gaza-based group's savage, surprise terror attack on Israeli citizens Oct. 7.

Nejwa Ali was hired by DHS in 2019, according to her LinkedIn job history, two years after she worked as a "public affairs officer" for the Palestinian Delegation to the U.S., i.e., the PLO, which has long links to terrorism. The Trump administration effectively booted the Palestinian Delegation out of the U.S. in 2018.

Daily Wire reported on Oct. 18 that Ali "has made several posts glorifying the terrorist attacks on Israel, including one depicting armed terrorists paragliding into the Jewish state with the caption, 'Free PALESTINE.'"

"Though Ali’s job at DHS included vetting people to make sure they were not a threat to the country before letting them in, it’s not clear that anyone from the agency vetted her," Daily Wire reported. "That her primary allegiance was to the Palestinians, not the United States, was evident from her social media profiles, where she posts as 'Falastine Mi Amor.'"

It continued: "She has posted extremist rhetoric continuously to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for years – rhetoric that intensified this month as Palestinian terrorists murdered over 1,000 Jews on October 7 and Ali cheered. 'F*** Israel, the government, and its military. Are you ready for your downfall?' she wrote on Instagram after the attacks."

A screenshot of one recent "Falastine Mi Amor" Instagram post shown by Daily Mail reads: "Israeli, American privilege is disgusting. When Israelis acknowledge the government and military are solely responsible for the attack. Period."

Daily Mail reported on Oct. 19 about Nejwa Ali:

  • "DHS officer Nejwa Ali, 36, was placed on leave on Wednesday [Oct. 18], following the revelation of her controversial history of posting anti-Semitic and extremist posts
  • "It was also disclosed that she served as a spokesperson for the Palestinian Liberation Organization, which has been called a terrorist organization
  • "Ali shared an image featuring paragliders armed with AK-47s with the caption 'Free Palestine,' glorifying the terrorists responsible for killing 1,400 Israelis"

"It's unclear how Ali was hired in the first place in government roles and the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) given her alarming previous posts and ties to the PLO," Daily Mail reported. "USCIS strongly condemns antisemitism and the use of violent rhetoric in any form,' spokesperson Matthew Bourke told Newsweek. 'USCIS employees are held to high ethical standards both on and off duty, including their presence on social media. Any violation of these standards is taken seriously by the agency.'"

According to its website, USCIS holds as its "mission and core values": "We administer the nation’s lawful immigration system."

Daily Wire reported that on October 9, Ali posted to her Facebook account: "'How Nejwa wakes up,' accompanied by a video captioned 'F*** Israel and any Jew that supports Israel' and a photo that says 'A nation that has nothing but Allah has everything it will ever need.' She also added an anti-Semitic cartoon of a Jewish nose."

Ali's DHS job as an "Asylum Officer" involved "applying immigration laws and regulations to asylum applications," DW reported.

The Daily Mail story shows a sampling of Ali's "alarming social media posts," and reports about her angry reply to a Daily Wire reporter who asked her about her past anti-Israel comments: "That's none of your [f******] business. Mind your business before I call the police. If I were you I'd respectfully hang up the phone right now,'" she reportedly told DW.

Daily Mail reported: "Ali's social media, including her Instagram, 'Falastine Mi Amor,' appears to have been deleted."

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