US government gets sued for working to bankrupt conservative media

 December 7, 2023

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

The federal government's "Censorship Industrial Complex" is being hit with a new lawsuit that challenges it for being "one of the most audacious, manipulative, secretive, and gravest abuses of power and infringements of First Amendment rights by the federal government in American history."

report at The Federalist explains it is working with the Daily Wire and the state of Texas on the legal case.

The case, in U.S. District Court, alleges the U.S. State Department has funded and backed censorship efforts "aimed at bankrupting media outlets with conservative views," according to a report at Twitchy.

The federal bureaucracy, under Joe Biden, is accused of "violating the U.S. Constitution by funding technology to silence Americans who question government claims.

The Federalist explained the lawsuit is to stop government censorship activities "even beyond the dramatic discoveries in a pending U.S. Supreme Court case, Murthy v. Missouri (also known as Missouri v. Biden)."

In that case, WND has reported, U.S. District Judge Terry A. Doughty said the feds were playing the Orwellian role of a "Ministry of Truth," that fictional entity in "1984" that was tasked with spreading lies.

That case is now pending at the U.S. Supreme Court. It charges the program set up by the Biden administration worked like this: Since the government cannot directly censor speech, Biden's bureaucrats would work with various sympathetic foundations or other organizations. Biden's officials would tell the foundations what they wanted tech and social media corporations to censor, and those organizations then would lobby the companies to do that.

In the case, attorneys general from Missouri and Louisiana sued the Biden administration over its communications with social media companies concerning the censorship of various ideas. They charged that the indirect route to censorship was equally a violation of the First Amendment.

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