U.S.-England World Cup result stupefies Biden

A question about the World Cup matchup between the United States and England appeared to baffle President Joe Biden over the weekend. 

The incident was caught on camera, and the footage has been posted to YouTube by the GOP War Room.

Take a look:

A baffled Biden

The exchange took place on Saturday during the Thanksgiving weekend vacation that Biden and his family took in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

The video starts with Biden standing outside of a restaurant surrounded by his security detail. A reporter, located off camera, could be heard asking, “Mr. President, the U.S.A. tied with England. Any comment on the draw?”

Biden, then, could be seen looking off into the distance with an expression on his face that was part blank stare and part confusion. This continues for several seconds before Biden turns to his security detail to ask a question.

After that, Biden begins to slowly walk away before turning to reporters and asking, “is the game over?” A reporter responds, “the game is over and it was a tie.”

Biden then says that “he spoke to the team.” Then a reporter asks, “What do you think of the result, sir?” to which Biden said, “I’d rather it be one to nothing, but it’s good. England’s tough.”


It is clear that Biden was confused about something. But, it is not clear what he was confused about. In general, he just seemed out of it, gazing off into the distance.

The United States men’s soccer team did face the English team in a World Cup match on Nov. 25, and the game did end in a draw.

But, what is getting just as much – if not even more – attention than the game itself is what happened just before the game. That is, the English players took a knee in order to protest against perceived discrimination and for “inclusivity.”

The move was expected as the English team has done this before and indicated that it would do it again. Accordingly, this was not a big surprise to many. But, what was a surprise was that the U.S. players didn’t join in the kneeling – they remained standing – which you wouldn’t expect given all of the protest kneeling done by U.S. athletes in recent times.

It does not appear that Biden was asked about this particular aspect of the game, and it does not appear that he has made any comment about it.

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