U.S. drone strike kills the most dangerous terrorist in the world

The death of the “most dangerous terrorist” has been confirmed.

Several sources have confirmed Ibrahim al-Asiri was killed in a 2017 drone strike.

Al-Qaida Bomb Master

The tag of “most dangerous terrorist” was well-earned by al-Asiri.

Among other attacks, he was one of the main culprits behind the Christmas Day plot in 2009.

In that plot, they targeted an airliner in Detroit.

A terrorist had sewn chemical explosives into his underwear with the goal of igniting them on the plane.

Onboard were 290 souls, which would have made it the most-deadliest airliner attack in the history of aviation.

Thankfully, the plot failed.

Unreported Death

For some time, officials suspected they had eliminated al-Asiri.

However, Al-Qaida has refused to report anything about his death or memorialize him as they have done in the past with other leaders.

The suspected attack was a drone strike in Marib.

As al-Asiri stood next to his car with several of his associates, the drone strike hit, taking them all out.

A recent report from the United Nations brought the drone strike back into the spotlight.

That report stated al-Asiri “may have” been killed in the latter part of 2017.

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An unnamed tribal leader and another unnamed Al-Qaida source also confirmed al-Asiri’s death.

Fearing for their safety, the sources have requested officials keep their names protected.

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