Report finds U.S. is top tier country for combating human trafficking

Human trafficking, in essence, slavery, remains a problem in our world today, but the United States is surely doing its fair share to stop it.

According to reports, the United States is a Tier 1 country, meaning among the countries doing the most to combat this horrific problem.

Contrary to Liberal Opinions

In this day and age, it is hard to believe major powers are still allowing human slavery to take place.

The Trafficking in Persons report was unveiled by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, with Ivanka Trump also making an appearance.

Sadly, it make it quite apparent that human trafficking is still thriving in some parts of the world.

Pompeo started, “The world should know that we will not stop before we know human trafficking is a thing of the past.”

While the United States was ranked in Tier 1, several countries of note were put into Tier 3 status.

Tier 3 Countries

A country recently added to Tier 3 was Myanmar (Burma).

Then it really starts to get interesting.

China, North Korea, and Iran are all listed as Tier 3 countries.

With Trump’s relationship with both China and North Korea being a bit more positive than past administrations, now would be the time to address this issue with those leaders.

In doing so, Trump has a card to play with those leaders.

Countries listed as Tier 3 can be hit with various sanctions.

However, in the past, the president has waived the sanctions to keep communications open.

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Trump has a huge opportunity here to address these conditions in both China and North Korea.

So, it will be very interesting to see now only how he approaches it, but also how the media reports whatever action he takes.

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