U.S. ambassador to Estonia resigns over Trump comments

The United States diplomatic staff is about to lose another member.

James D. Melville, Jr., U.S. Ambassador to Estonia, is reportedly retiring over anti-UK comments made by President Trump.

Can’t Support His President

Melville is a career diplomat.

He has spent more than three decades in the system and has held his current post since 2015.

It is quite reasonable to assume he has never encountered a president like Donald Trump before.

After Trump made comments that Melville deemed offensive to European allies, he had decided to pull in his shingle and call it quits.

Melville stated, “A Foreign Service Officer’s DNA is programmed to support policy and we’re schooled right from the start, that if there ever comes a point where one can no longer do so, particularly if one is in a position of leadership, the honorable course is to resign.”

“Having served under six president and 11 secretaries of state, I never really thought it would reach that point for me,” Melville added.

He then went on to criticize Trump’s comments about the European Union taking advantage of the United States.

He also was none too happy about Trump saying, “NATO is as bad as NAFTA.”

America First

Trump has been adamant that political correctness is the least of his concerns when it comes to getting better deals for the United States internationally.

It is no secret the United States often ends up on the short end of the stick to keep its “helpful” image with other countries.

That image had been stretched to the max over the last decade, and we all saw where that got us.

Trump is looking to right those wrongs and if he upsets a few apple carts along the way, so be it.

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If Melville can’t get on board and put America first, then he is making the right decision to step down.

Hopefully, his replacement will be on the same page as the President and will look out for our concerns over those of any other country.

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