U.S. airstrikes kill 15 terrorists in Somalia

The United States continues to batter terrorists with air attacks.

The latest attack was conducted in Somalia over two days last week, reportedly killing 15 extremists.

No Civilians Injured

One of the most impressive aspects of these attacks is the fact the United States is able to conduct them with such precision that no civilians are injured.

In this case, two separate strikes were ordered.

In one attack, 11 terrorists were killed. In the second attack, another four were taken out.

The airstrikes targeted the violent al-Shabab extremist group, which is affiliated with al-Qaida.

The group was once a major player in Somalia but has been slowly forced to retreat from its holdings in major cities.

More Work Needed

While the United States continues the push to rid the world of terrorists, more effort is still needed by those living in the affected areas. Military leadership continues to be frustrated by the lack of local interest in joining the fight against terrorism.

General Thomas Waldhauser, the command head of U.S. forces in Africa, stated, “The bottom line is the Somali National Army needs to grow, it needs to step up, and it needs to take responsibility for their own security.”

This is a sentiment President Donald Trump has echoed on more than one occasion.

In far too many instances, the United States ends up serving as the “world’s policeman.” Helping is one thing, but when the United States is solely relied upon to fight back against the terrorists, something is severely wrong.

Local support has been so weak, in fact, former Defense Minister General Abdulkadir Ali Dini has made a plea to Somalis to join the effort. “The military is doing its part. It keeps losing top generals and soldiers in the war against the militants, but they lack the actual support of Somali people and committed politicians,” he told Voice of America.

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