Ty Cobb ‘resigns’ as Trump’s lawyer

The White House just got turned on its ear.

Reports are flying all over the Internet today that Ty Cobb, Trump’s lead attorney in the Russian investigation, is retiring.

It’s Time

When word started to circulate that Emmet Flood was going to join Trump’s legal team, rumors started to fly.

As it turns out, the rumors were true, and Cobb is in fact leaving Trump’s legal team.

Cobb has reportedly been discussing his retirement for some time with Trump’s Chief of Staff.

With the Russian investigation dragging on, many suspect this “retirement” announcement sounds more like a firing.

Trump is obviously upset the case is still dragging on.

Much of the blame for that falls into Cobb’s lap.

Get It Over With

With frustrations mounting over Cobb’s approach, a new addition was added to the legal team recently.

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani was specifically added to the team to try to negotiate an ending to the Mueller investigation.

Cobb himself hinted his retiring could mean a change in tactics for Trump.

“I don’t mind being regarded as a peacemaker. People will think this means we’re going to war, but I would not read that into this,” Cobb stated.

Which, of course, means, EVERYONE will read that very sentiment into it.

Why Now?

Cobb insists his retirement is a personal decision and not at the request of the President.

According to his statement, he has been putting off several much-needed medical procedures and has had very little family time since taking on this role.

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He also stated he believes much of the legwork has already been done, and he is confident he can turn over the case to the new staff at this point and it will be resolved in Trump’s favor.

Trump himself took to twitter to express he was NOT upset with Cobb and was merely adding new members to the legal team to “help out.”

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