Two staffers of the White House Press Office are departing

February 24, 2023
Robert Ayers

Fox News reports that two members of the White House Press Office have resigned. 

These two individuals are Megha Bhattacharya and Robbie Dornbush.

Bhattacharya has been the press assistant of White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. And, Robbie Dornbush has been Jean-Pierre's chief of staff.

Bhattacharya has been with the administration of President Joe Biden since February 2022, whereas Dornbush has been there for about nine months.


Jean-Pierre announced the resignations of Bhattacharya and Dornbush on Wednesday, calling the news "bittersweet."

"We have another bittersweet day for us, for the White House press team, as this is the last press briefing for Megha and Robbie — to my right here — who are valued members of our team," Jean-Pierre told reporters during the press briefing.

Jean-Pierre went on to offer reminiscences of the pair.

Jean-Pierre said:

Megha has been with our team since February of last year and I don’t think she stopped smiling since. I’ve never seen someone so happy and so, just really wonderful. And she always has a smile on her face. Megha has yelled "thank you press" in every room of the White House and on three different continents. She’s done it all with grace, a great sense of humor, and grade A outfits. She’ll be missed by our team and much of the Press Corps as well.

Turning to Dornbush, Jean-Pierre said, "I knew Robbie before this administration began. But we will truly miss you, Robbie.  Thank you for everything that you’ve done."

What now?

Jean-Pierre, during the press briefing, revealed that, although Bhattacharya is leaving the press office, she is not leaving the Biden administration. Instead, she will be taking a job in the State Department.

Jean-Pierre, however, did not reveal any specifics about Dornbush's future. Jean-Pierre, also, did not really reveal the actual cause of the departures.

During the Biden administration's tenure, there has been a particularly high turnover rate, and, most of the time, an explanation for the departures has not been provided.

The communications office has not been immune to the high turnover rate. Most notably, Jean-Pierre replaced Jen Psaki, Biden's original White House press secretary, who left the administration for a gig on MSNBC.

In addition to this, the press team has lost several other top staffers, including Vedant Patel, Mike Gwin, and Amanda Finney. All three departed in the same week, and all three have gone on to take jobs elsewhere in the Biden administration.

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