Two U.S. service members killed in action in Afghanistan

President Donald Trump just received some terrible news.

Two U.S. service members were killed in Afghanistan on Friday.

Tragedies of War

Our armed forces have been extremely efficient in their fight in the Middle East.

Sometimes, it seems as though we go months without hearing about any casualties. And that was actually the case here.

The last troops reported KIA in Afghanistan died in January, and in all of 2018, there were just 13 deaths reported.

Indeed, as citizens here on the mainland, we’ve gotten used to hearing about the deaths of our enemies with no casualties for our forces — which makes it all the more sobering when deaths are reported.

The identities of the brave soldiers have not yet been released, as military officials are still notifying family members of their death.

This year so far, four U.S. troops have been killed in action.

Peace Talks

The nearly two-decade-old war is hopefully going to come to an end soon.

Several rounds of negotiations have already been held between the U.S. and Taliban leadership.

The major stumbling block now appears to be the timeline for the withdrawal of U.S. forces — and if any will remain behind.

Meanwhile, the Afghan government is not exactly happy about all of this. Thus far, the Taliban have refused to involve Afghan leadership, calling them “puppets” for the United States.

The powers that be inside the Trump administration have reportedly met to discuss the comments made by Afghan leadership about being held in the dark over these negotiations. But only time will tell what comes of these talks.

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