Two prior accidental firearm discharges occurred on Rust movie set: Report

Alec Baldwin’s fatal shooting on the scene of his movie, Rust, is presenting new twists and turns on what seems like a daily basis.

According to Fox News, the latest bombshell revelation to come from the ongoing investigation into what events led to Baldwin shooting and killing cinemaphotographer Halyna Hutchins includes reports that there was a previously unreported accidental discharge of a firearm just prior to the fatal one.

Unbelievably, it has now been reported that there were a total of three incidents that included guns used on the movie set being accidentally discharged, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The other incidents

Prior to Baldwin pulling the trigger on what ultimately ended up a “hot” weapon, which killed Hutchins and injured the movie’s director, there were two previous accidental discharges, reportedly.

One of those incidents involved Baldwin’s stunt double firing a blank round after being told that the firearm he was handed was “cold,” meaning no live ammo of any kind.

There was yet another accidental shooting in the props department of the movie’s production. That incident included a woman who reportedly shot herself in the foot, but with a live blank round. No serious injuries were reported as a result.

While blank round discharges aren’t normally a newsworthy event, in this particular case, it adds much-needed context to the investigation around Hutchins’ death, as authorities are piecing together an investigation of a movie set that clearly had issues in the prop firearm department.

The focus shifts

In recent days, the focus of the horrific accident shifted to set armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed, who was initially said to have been haphazard in her handling of the set’s firearms.

However, Reed fired back, telling her side of the story that seemed to contradict suggestions from some that she was to blame for the tragedy.

In a recent interview with Fox, Reed’s lawyers, Jason Bowles and Robert Gorence, argued that Reed had always placed safety at the top of her priority list, and went on to suggest that the resources provided to her by the movie’s producers, including Baldwin, were lacking, at best.

“She fought for training, days to maintain weapons and proper time to prepare for gunfire but ultimately was overruled by production and her department,” her attorneys said.

Only time will tell who is ultimately held responsible for Hutchins’ death, but at this point, it doesn’t appear that anyone, including Baldwin, has been ruled out.

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