Two ex-FDA officials slam Biden admin for pandemic response

Two former Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officials are speaking out against the Biden administration.

Specifically, the critics laid out their joint argument that the White House botched its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Inspect the relevant data, debate it, and vote”

As the Daily Caller reported, Philip Krause and Luciana Borio resigned from their positions following what they described as a pressure campaign from the Biden administration to approve COVID-19 booster shots.

The two ex-officials expressed their dismay in an op-ed published recently by the Washington Post.

Krause and Borio asserted that the White House violated “standard practice” by making “three important decisions on vaccines without consulting independent panels of experts.”

They noted a pattern over recent weeks wherein FDA recommendations call for an increasing number of Americans to receive a booster shot.

“Before last month, the standard practice was for the agencies to convene standing outside advisory committees, whose members inspect the relevant data, debate it, and vote,” the two former officials wrote, adding that the recent decisions did not meet that criteria.

“Science, not politics, is driving vaccine policy”

As a result of breaching that “standard practice,” Krause and Borio expressed concern that “the costs and benefits of these policy moves, from a medical perspective, were not fully aired publicly and discussed in advance.”

They went on to argue that it is necessary for any such action to be rooted in data and debate.

“We believe that much is lost when decisions like this are made without consulting outside experts — whatever one believes about the merits of the policies in question,” they wrote.

If such debate had occurred prior to the latest decisions regarding booster shots, the authors predicted that a number of experts would have weighed in against at least some of the increasingly broad recommendations. At least in part, Krauss and Borio determined that outside advice is needed across the board in government “so the public can be assured that science, not politics, is driving vaccine policy.”

Given his apparent disregard for constitutional limitations on pandemic-related matters in the past, it remains to be seen whether President Joe Biden is inclined to follow the “standard practice” in response to this matter.

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