Two NYPD police officers were killed in a wedding-night crash

A community is in mourning over the death of two of its own.

On Sunday night, two New York police officers were killed in a horrific car crash, one of them having just been married.

Deadly Ride

Officer Michael Colangelo, 31, was a 10-year-veteran of the police force.

He was well-liked within the police community as well as by his neighbors.

Those that knew him told stories of often seeing him walking around with his K-9 partner when he was off duty.

Officer Colangelo had just been married when he and his friend, fellow officer John Martinez, dipped out of the reception to go for a quick ride.

Martinez had rented a Maserati for the occasion, and he no doubt wanted to share a moment with his friend before he left for his honeymoon.

Instead, Martinez apparently lost control of the vehicle as they were making their way around a bend and crashed head on into a tree.

Neither Martinez or Colangelo were wearing their seatbelts.

Both were ejected from the vehicle and pronounced dead at the scene.

One Survivor

There was one unnamed survivor.

He was traveling in the back seat of the vehicle and was wearing his seat belt.

Police have not yet been able to question him about the incident.

However, authorities have stated they will talk to him as soon as his condition permits them to do so.

Police said they are waiting for the autopsy report to learn if the driver was over the permitted BAC level.

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As stated above, Colangelo had just been married, and leaves behind his newlywed bride, Katherine.

Martinez will be survived by his two young children.

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