Two Indianapolis judges shot outside White Castle

Police responded to a shooting in Indianapolis at a local White Castle restaurant early in the morning on May 1.

When police arrived, they found the victims were two judges, Drew Adams and Brad Jacobs, who were in town for a conference.

Sketchy details

Initially, the story was reported as an argument at a local gentlemen’s club that spilled out into the parking lot, which White Castle shares. That report was given by Indianapolis Police Chief Genae Cook.

The story was later revised, though, when Deputy Chief Christopher L. Bailey said the Chief got the story wrong.

By that afternoon, the story had been changed significantly. According to the new report, the judges had been out with several people and when they went to the bar, they found it closed, so they decided to go to the White Castle to get something to eat.

While the judges and their guests were outside the restaurant, another car pulled up and an argument ensued. By the end of it, Adams and Jacobs had been seriously wounded by gunfire.

Well-liked, well-respected

By all accounts, both judges are highly revered by their fellow judges and local attorneys. Jacobs earned a reputation as a juror that was more than willing to give people a second chance “if people have earned it.”

A local attorney stated that as news of the shooting made its way through the courts, “…everyone is in shock. This is just terrible.”

Prosecutors decline to file charges

Two men, Brandon Kaiser and Alfredo Vazquez, were tracked down and arrested in connection with the shooting last weekend.

The incident was caught on surveillance footage, police say.

But in a surprising turn of events, prosecutors declined to file charges Friday, saying that they needed to do “additional investigation.”

Since the prosecution only had 72 hours to file charges, both suspects will soon be released from jail, the IndyStar reported. It’s a shocking development that is surely disturbing for the victims and their families.

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