At least two dozen dead in shooting at Mexican drug rehab center: Reports

On the heels of numerous other stories depicting violence on the streets of Mexico, one police report provides graphic context for the spiking crime numbers in some areas of the country.

A mass shooting this week at a rehabilitation center in Irapuato left two dozen dead, Reuters reported Wednesday.

According to Mexican news outlets, a gunman opened fire at the facility, leaving at least seven injured in addition to the 24 victims reportedly killed in the nation’s latest incident of mass violence.

“It takes the peace from families”

While violence among drug cartels had been on an apparent decline in recent years, that trend has reversed over the past several months as public figures and law enforcement officers found themselves targeted by criminals.

The latest attack came less than a month after another rehabilitation facility in the same city of the Guanajuato state resulted in 10 deaths. There have been at least 12 attacks on rehab clinics in Mexico since a 2010 shooting left 19 people dead in Chihuahua, Reuters notes.

Guanajuato has seen more homicides so far this year than any other Mexican state, with a total of 1,405 reported as of the end of May, according to U.S. News & World Report.

As for the latest deadly shooting, Gov. Diego Sinhue Rodriguez Vallejo signaled that it appeared to be part of a war between drug gangs.

“I deeply regret and condemn the events in Irapuato this afternoon,” he wrote, according to NBC News. “The violence generated by organized crime not only takes the lives of the young, but it takes the peace from families in Guanajuato.”

A string of violence

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador came into office about 19 months ago on the promise of reducing the nation’s rate of violent crime, but his administration has ushered in a rise in such incidents.

Prior to the record-setting start to 2020, last year saw a number of deadly crimes — including an attack on guests at a bar in Coatzacoalcos in August.

A total of 26 victims died when apparent members of a local gang set the business ablaze.

With such rampant violence occurring on a regular basis in America’s neighbor to the south, it might not be surprising if more voters begin to support President Donald Trump’s tough stance on border security.

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