Two more Jeffrey Epstein sex assault accusers come forward: Report

Two more accusers just came forward with accusations against Clinton pal Jeffrey Epstein, Breitbart reports.

The allegations include charges that the recently deceased Epstein sexually assaulted them as minors, and that Epstein also flew one of them to New York to present at parties in which unnamed “prominent, wealthy men” sexually assaulted them.

More accusers

The two women filed a suit in the Southern District of New York alleging Epstein abused them years ago in New York and South Carolina. One of the accusers says that Epstein took pictures of her and assaulted her back in 1990.

The second accuser was 13 when she met Epstein, who promised her a job as a babysitter, but she soon found out that it was all a ruse. She alleges Epstein gave her drugs and alcohol and then raped her.

The lawsuit is seeking $100 million in damages excluding legal fees. (Epstein may be dead, but his huge estate is still potentially accessible to victims seeking compensation.)

These two accusers join nine others who have accused Jeffrey Epstein of a slew of sex offenses ranging from trafficking to assault.

Epstein died in his Manhattan cell under suspicious circumstances in August while awaiting trial for felony sex trafficking, according to NBC News.

Serious questions remain

These accusers will have their day in court. And with what’s already been proven about Epstein, these new stories certainly sound credible.

Epstein’s ability to go about doing what he did for so long confirmed the suspicions of many who alleged that Epstein had a wide circle of wealthy, powerful men around him that were deeply involved in his underage sex trafficking network.

Many Epstein accusers named his friends as complicit in his crimes. Former President Bill Clinton flew on Epstein’s infamous “Lolita Express” aircraft several times, according to Fox News, and flight logs show that he traveled on the private plane without his Secret Service detail on more than one occasion.

Accusations have also been leveled at Prince Andrew, a member of the British royal family. These are just two examples of high-profile individuals rumored to be linked to the billionaire financier’s criminal activities.

The investigation into the circumstances of Epstein’s mysterious death and the allegations against him by dozens of women is still underway, and officials have been tight-lipped about what they have found thus far, according to National Review. But hopefully, we’ll soon find out the truth — and justice will finally be served.

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