Twitter poll on Supreme Court justices backfires on Senate Democrats

A Twitter account representing Senate Democrats thought it would be fun to create a poll asking the public to choose whether they’d like more Supreme Court justices like Ruth Bader Ginsburg or more like Brett Kavanaugh.

It was fun and games until the results started to come in — and Kavanaugh held a nearly 3:1 margin over RBG.

It looks like Ginsburg may have been replaced as the public’s favorite justice.

Not the Results They Expected

On May 3, the poll had two days left. At that point, more than 50,000 votes had been cast — and Kavanaugh had earned 72% of them.

Democrats would love for everyone in this country to believe that everyone would prefer a far-left justice over one that is more concerned with the actual facts of the case — but that clearly is not the way the country is leaning right now.

The poll continued to remain right around 3:1, so Senate Democrats, represented on Twitter under the handle @DSCC, apparently had seen enough and deleted the tweet.

Funny how when Democrats don’t get their way, they try to erase history… Sound familiar?

Polls Are Great, But…

Nowadays, we are inundated with polls by the media that are once again telling us that Donald Trump has no chance to win re-election.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is likewise trying to motivate voters with fear mongering. If Trump does not lose by a large margin, she warned, he may not leave the White House.

Those rumors were fanned by Jerry Falwell, who sent out a tweet saying that Trump should get an extra two years added to his first term to make up for the years the Democrats stole from him with the bogus special counsel probe.

Trump retweeted Graham’s suggestion, so Politico published a story that alleges that Trump actually wants to extend his time in office illegally and against the Constitution.

We live in an age of absolute misinformation — and the information that is actually true, Democrats try to erase.

If anyone believed for a second someone like Beto O’Rourke can beat Trump by eight points, as the polls suggest, they are completely out of their minds.

These polls can be twisted any way the pollsters want them to be, as we saw repeatedly throughout 2016. We don’t buy it.

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