Twitter calls for #PresidentPelosi amid House speaker’s demand for Trump’s impeachment

If there was ever any question that liberals live in a dream world, the latest trending hashtag on Twitter is proof positive of their mental state.

After House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) announced that the House would be moving forward with a formal impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump, the hashtag #PresidentPelosi went viral, Newsweek reports.

Pelosi takes on the president

Up until this week, Pelosi had been very reluctant to openly support impeachment.

She knows Democrats only get one shot at it, and she also knows that since Republicans control the Senate, there is little chance the move would be successful.

The now-infamous whistleblower complaint, however, has changed all of that. Now, Pelosi is putting her support behind the impeachment proceedings.

Her approval has energized the entire Democratic Party, convincing them that they actually have a chance of impeaching Trump.

President Pelosi?

The scary thing about the new hashtag is the fact that “President Pelosi” could really happen — and she would not even have to run for president to make it happen.

Per our Constitution, Nancy Pelosi, as the House speaker, is third in line for the presidency. Of course, if Trump were impeached, the presidency would then pass on to Mike Pence, who, as vice president, is next in line.

However, what if Pence was also somehow implicated and forced to resign as part of the impeachment?

If that happened, per the Constitution, Nancy Pelosi would suddenly hold the office of President of the United States.

While that scenario may be unlikely to play out, it is not completely unreasonable — nor would anyone put it past the Democrats to have cooked this scheme up as a way to take the presidency back.

But what’s even scarier is how many liberals apparently love the idea of hijacking the presidency this way. Their trending hashtag made that very clear.

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