Turning Point USA event audience goes wild for Trump appearance

President Donald Trump is no stranger to roaring, cheering crowds of supporters — and that was evidenced once again when he received an overwhelming welcome at a recent event. 

This time, Trump was speaking at the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit, which was held in Phoenix, Arizona on Saturday. The students in attendance made it clear that they were thrilled to have the 45th president as a guest speaker at the event.

After the event’s host announced Trump’s name, the former president appeared on the stage with his go-to “I’m proud to be an American” playing the background. However, over and above the song rang the cheers of the students, who were heard chanting “USA!”

It’s MAGA time

After several minutes passed, with the crowd continuing to cheer and Trump visibly overwhelmed by the heartwarming support, the former president finally stepped up to the microphone to deliver his speech. After thanking the crowd and Charlie Kirk, the leader of Turning Point Action and Turning Point USA, Trump turned his attention to the students in attendance.

“Let me express my incredible appreciation to the thousands of bold, young, and proud American patriots who are with us today, what a crowd, what a crowd,” Trump said. About halfway through the statement, someone from the crowd could be heard yelling, “We love you!”

Trump continued by acknowledging those in attendance who were not in the building, but outside in the heat.

“Thank you to the people”

“And, if you think this is a lot of people you ought to look outside,” he said. “It’s about 110 degrees or something. That’s an incredible group. So, thank you. Thank you to the people outside. We love you.”

Trump quickly followed up with a statement that drew a thunderous response from the attending, young students.

“You are the pulse of our movement. It is so true,” the former president said. “And, you are the ones that will make America great again.”

“Radicals are seizing power”

As Breitbart noted, in Trump’s speech, he warned the students in attendance that “we are at the beginning of a communist system.”

“Radicals are seizing power and destroying everything we hold dear as Americans, and it’s happening,” Trump said. According to Breitbart, he provided as examples the dismantling of the rule of law, the censoring of speech, the taking over of the press, and the imprisoning of political opponents.

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