Turkey breaks ceasefire agreement with deadly attack

Several days ago, Donald Trump thought he had reason to celebrate after Vice President Mike Pence negotiated a temporary halt of military actions pending a ceasefire with Turkey.

Then, Turkey blatantly violated the agreement, according to Rolling Stone, launching an attack that killed at least five civilians.

What Ceasefire?

Last week, Pence traveled to Turkey to negotiate a deal that would end the violence between Turkey and the Kurds. He left the country thinking he had a deal in place, but Turkey had other plans.

While the United States was already working on its end of the deal to ensure a permanent ceasefire, Turkey was making more attack plans.

Not only is ground fighting reportedly still taking place, but Turkey also conducted an airstrike to blatantly defy the agreement it reached with the United States.

Other world leaders and elected officials are reportedly furious over Turkey’s action, with France, Germany, and the U.K. promising to discuss the attack with Turkey’s president at the NATO summit that is taking place in London in December.

The Media Spin

The media has been waiting for a reason to pounce on Trump over the troop withdrawal in Syria, and this attack gave it to them.

Rolling Stone characterized the agreement as “an opening to advance on Kurdish forces, which they appear to have done despite promises to the U.S. and without regard for civilian lives.”

Donald Trump obviously had no idea Turkey would violate the agreement, especially so soon after it was agreed to. Regardless, this administration will now be under extreme pressure to respond to the actions of Turkey as this agreement is obviously not going to come to fruition as it is currently written.

While we knew Turkish forces were doing unspeakable acts, it is worse than even we thought. Amnesty International reportedly has teams on the ground and they have seen “damning evidence of war crimes and other violations” by the Turks.

Kurds have reported more than 200 civilians killed by Turkish attacks, including more than a dozen children.

Turkey has stated those numbers are extremely exaggerated, claiming “only” 18 civilian fatalities as a result of their attacks.

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