Fox host Tucker Carlson’s teenage daughter verbally assaulted at private country club

Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s family is under attack.

According to Carlson, a man called his 19-year-old daughter several obscene names while his family was out to dinner at a private country club in October.

The Confrontation

Carlson was having dinner with his family at the Farmington County Club in Virginia when a man stopped his daughter a question as she was heading back to the table from the restroom.

The man asked reportedly her if she was sitting with Tucker Carlson, to which she responded that she was actually his daughter.

At that time, according to Tucker Carlson, the man said: “Are you Tucker’s wh***?”

The Fox host added that the man called his daughter two more obscene names before she returned to the table in tears.

When Carlson’s son heard what had taken place, he went into the bar to confront the man.

After the man admitted he said those things, Carlson’s son threw a glass of wine in the man’s face.

Here Comes Avenatti

Stormy Daniels’ controversial lawyer Michael Avenatti has jumped all over the incident to file a lawsuit against Carlson for assault.

Avenatti has also claimed there could have been an underage drinking incident, which he also plans on pursuing.

To make matters even more inflammatory, Avenatti is touting the man as a gay Latino immigrant, apparently attempting to make this more about race than the ignorant fool who insulted a man’s daughter.

Avenatti recently tweeted:

Avenatti has also claimed that the unidentified man never used the obscene words to describe Carlson’s daughter — but Carlson released a statement about the incident that noted that the country club actually conducted its own investigation, which ultimately led to the man’s membership being revoked.

Of course, Avenatti is claiming everything Carslon said was a lie.

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Carlson has now found himself the subject of an all-out assault by the left. First the attack on his home, and now this disgusting lawsuit by Avenatti?

When does the insanity end?

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