Tucker Carlson: Trump now ‘seems likely to win reelection’

On the heels of the successful Republican National Convention, Fox News host Tucker Carlson is now predicting President Trump will win the election in November.

Carlson said Friday that for the “first time since the Wuhan coronavirus arrived here, the president seems likely to win reelection.” 

The tide is turning

The Trump train is steaming ahead after the Republican National Convention. Highlighted by the riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin, enthusiasm for Trump’s pro-America, law-and-order message is picking up.

In fact, it’s no longer enough for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden to sit back and criticize Trump from his basement. As his lead over Trump shrinks in the polls, Biden is being forced into a more active campaign — and to explain why he and the Democratic Party find it so hard to condemn what’s happened in Kenosha and other cities, like Minneapolis, Portland, Chicago, and Seattle.

Highlighting the role that Democrats have played in the unrest, Carlson explained, “Last night as the president spoke, a group of Biden voters gathered outside the White House to threaten and intimidate anyone who dared support Donald Trump.”

“They waited to ambush attendees. The mayor of Washington, an incompetent hack called Muriel Bowser, made all of this possible,” Carlson continued. “Bowser has been on the mob’s side since the first day. She allowed the mob to harass and terrify elderly taxpayers as they walked on city streets they pay for.”

“This isn’t happening by accident. It didn’t happen five years ago. It’s happening now not because police are more brutal or more unarmed African American men are being killed by the police. That’s not happening. It’s a total hoax,” Carlson went on.

“It’s happening because the leadership of the Democratic Party are encouraging it and have been for quite some time,” he concluded. Watch Carlson below:

The left justifies using intimidation and violence to push their political agenda, and in embracing this, Democrats have lost their advantage. The debate has shifted from Trump’s handling of coronavirus to the ongoing social unrest plaguing the nation’s cities.

President Trump has set himself up as the candidate of law and order, while Biden is walking the line between weakly condemning the violence and encouraging the anti-police protests.

The beginnings of a landslide?

The result? The political atmosphere appears to have shifted over the past weeks as Trump’s campaign finds its groove. The first debate hasn’t even been held and speculation that President Trump will crush Biden in a landslide is already swirling.

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