BuzzFeed writer’s attempt to thrust Fox’s Tucker Carlson into sex scandal backfires

A picture is worth a thousand words — oftentimes false words when not put in the right context. And if one BuzzFeed writer was aware of this, she wouldn’t have egg all over her face.

But Kate Aurthur does have egg on her face after her attempt to catch Fox News star Tucker Carlson in a sexcapade backfired big time. 

The deceiving image

Aurthur clearly thought she was on to something when she came across a picture of Carlson being kissed by Christina Parreira, an alleged sex worker. The BuzzFeed writer tweeted on Friday:

But as expected, this picture didn’t tell the whole story.

The backfire

Mitchell Sunderland, the editorial consultant and writer who took the photo, was quick to fill Aurthur in on the details she was missing.

“I took that photo at…a funeral. Christina didn’t even tell Carlson her profession,” Sunderland told Aurthur. “All anyone spoke about that night was our dead mutual friend. It was the most PG-rated night in Nevada history.”

It turns out that the photo was actually taken at the funeral of Republican House candidate and Nevada Brothel owner Dennis Hof.

“It’s been unreal to wake up and see someone take a photo I took at my dear friend Dennis Hof’s funeral and use it to smear a sex worker in the name of wokeness,” Sunderland added. “Carlson didn’t even know Christina had worked as a hooker, and Christina didn’t even discuss politics with him.”

Sunderland went on to say that this smear by Aurthur only adds to an already painful experience for everyone involved.

“And to be honest,” Sunderland concluded, “none of us know how Dennis died because the autopsy results still haven’t been released. Everyone is still grieving. This whole Twitter controversy is opening up fresh wounds, but I’m glad someone got her daily woke Twitter points!”

Rubbing it in

As if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, for Aurthur, Parreira, pictured with Carlson, also joined in the criticism.

“I respect that [Tucker Carlson] attended Dennis Hof’s funeral despite potential criticism,” Parreira tweeted. “I’m a huge fan and he took the time to talk with me and we shared memories of our friend. I offered to buy him a drink but he had seltzer. Wow. What a scandal.”

From there, Parreira posted a series of tweets attacking both Aurthur and BuzzFeed.

“Imagine working at [BuzzFeed] and thinking you have any sort of moral superiority,” she wrote.

In another tweet, Parreira said: “I hadn’t heard of [Kate Aurthur] until today. Hmm. She’s jumping to conclusions and attempting to bully another woman. Let me guess- lefty liberal feminist?”

All the while, Carlson got to got to sit back with his feet up. He won this battle without even having to utter a word.

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