Tucker Carlson: Why hasn’t Dems’ Russia ‘circus’ left town yet?

The Democrats’ attacks against Attorney General Bill Barr are proof of one thing… the Trump-Russian collusion narrative isn’t going anywhere yet, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson says.

Carlson asked, “How long does this circus continue? And, by the way, why is it still in progress? Why hasn’t it left town yet?”

Watch below:

Too Much Invested

Why are Dems and the media so reluctant to give up on the narrative of Russian collusion by the Trump administration?

As Carlson put it, “CNN, The Washington Post, the Democratic Party, many others have too much invested in that story. The fact it’s been proven to be untrue is irrelevant to them.”

For one, they refuse to admit they were wrong.

If they do, they have to recognize the fact virtually everything they have said about Trump and his administration over the last two years was bogus.

Look no further than Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) who claimed right up to the release of the Barr report that he had absolute proof of collusion.

Concentrate on Barr

Now, even though they know they are wrong, their way of continuing this “circus” is to discredit Barr.

Carlson stated, “Somewhere in the basement of the Democratic National Committee, some messaging consultant decided that ‘credibility’ is the most effective line of attack.”

Keep in mind, Barr served in three different capacities for President George H.W. Bush, including as Attorney General, and his credibility was never questioned. Earlier in his career, Barr served in the CIA and the Reagan administration. Again, his credibility was never in question.

This actually has nothing to do with Barr and everything to do with President Donald Trump.

In the eyes of Democrats, the entire Republican party is now considered the enemy. As such, don’t expect this “circus” to end anytime soon.

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