Tucker Carlson accuses lawyer Michael Avenatti of exploiting Stormy Daniels

Fox News anchor and former Daily Caller editor-in-chief Tucker Carlson is finally calling out Michael Avenatti for the way that he treats his adult film star client, Stephanie Clifford, better known as Stormy Daniels. In a contentious interview that lasted more than ten minutes, Carlson traded insults with his guest, accusing Avenatti of enriching himself off of Daniels and using her case to advance his own political aspirations.

“You’re wearing $1,000 suit. Why are you not paying her?” Carlson demanded of the attorney. Watch the gladiatorial exchange below:

Aesthetically-pleasing attorney

“You’ve profited from Stormy Daniels,” Carlson insisted. “You’ve gotten tens of millions of dollars worth of free media on the basis of your relationship with her and she’s working in strip clubs. You’re exploiting her and you know that. Why aren’t you paying her some of what you’re making?” he asked.

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Avenatti responded by claiming that his host had no idea how much he is making, while arguing that his client is perfectly content with his representation. However, Americans who have followed the “Michael Avenatti Show” through more than 100 media appearances know that the high-powered attorney takes his appearance quite seriously.

“I’ve worn a lot of designers and never found a suit like Tom Ford,” Avenatti once told his fawning liberal fans in front of a New York courthouse. “The cut, the silhouette, is really extraordinary—his eye toward aesthetics is unsurpassed.”

When Avenatti showed up to the Trump-hating White House Correspondents dinner in a tuxedo, he devoured the flattery from reporters. “I’m not a big fan of black tuxedos,” Avenatti told them, adding that he favors blue hues to emphasize what he feels is his best physical attribute: “My eye color, a gift from my mother.”

Feminist womanizer

Meanwhile, his client — who settled on a $130,000 nondisclosure agreement with the president before regretting the decision after he was elected — toils away in seedy strip clubs across America, selling her “Stormy Daniels schwag” to make a buck. To pay for her high-priced attorney, Daniels started a GoFundMe campaign in March, seeking hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations to pay for those Tom Ford suits.

During one of her many strip club appearances, a Washington Post reporter observed, “Enthusiasm in the room was low. Emcees had to impugn patrons’ masculinity to goad them to the stage so that Daniels could flip them onto their backs and lower herself onto their noses.”

Despite his client’s struggles, Avenatti has positioned himself as a champion of female equality. Carlson correctly exposed this hypocrisy on his show: “And you pose as a feminist hero,” he said, “because you are shameless and the other channels let you get away with it. But you’re an exploiter of a woman and you should be ashamed of it.”

Avenatti even had the nerve to quote Maya Angelou in a recent tweet, writing: “Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women.”

Creepy porn lawyer

There was no mistaking how Carlson felt about his guest, who he has referred to in the past as “creepy porn lawyer” but had agreed not to call Avenatti by that nickname during the interview. But Fox News producers identified Avenatti as “creepy porn lawyer” in the caption on the lower third of the screen at numerous stages during the interview, infuriating Avenatti. 

Avenatti also took exception with how the interview turned to personal questions about his political aspirations, claiming that the Fox News host had asked him into his show to discuss the Daniels case. Naturally, Avenatti would rather keep quiet on the ways in which he has profited from the more than 10 weeks of twice daily media appearances he made during the height of the Daniels controversy. He now nurses aspirations for the 2020 presidential race.

“One wonders if Avenatti even bothers at this point to remove his studio makeup,” wrote the Washington Examiner’s Becket Adams in May.

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