Tucker Carlson counters anti-gun Democrats’ continued lies about AR-15s

It’s not uncommon for anti-gun Democrats to use the AR-15 semi-automatic rifle as the symbol of gun violence in America, often spreading blatantly false claims about the popular hunting rifle and painting it as a “weapon of war.”

Most, if not all claims about the AR-15 made by anti-gun groups and Democrats seeking to push gun control legislation are lies. Thankfully, according to Fox News, the network’s own Tucker Carlson touched on the issue in a recent episode of Tucker Carlson Originals to dispel many of the myths swirling about the common firearm. 

Busted myths

According to Fox, Carlson provided his audience a quick background on the history of AR-15s in America, noting that the firearm was, in fact, banned for a period of 10 years thanks to efforts by former President Bill Clinton and Congress.

However, that ban expired in 2004, and in most states, purchasing an AR-15 is perfectly legal and as common as a person buying a shotgun or hunting rifle at the local sporting goods store.

Though Democrats attempt to use sneaky language to suggest that buying firearms like AR-15s off the internet or at a gun show is possible without a background check, it’s simply untrue. Whether a person purchases one from a popular online retailer, a gun show, or a sporting goods store, federal background checks are required.

The rifles have always been popular, but Carlson pointed out that in today’s age of uncertainty and growing fear — especially after the violence that tends to continually break out across the country in the name of racial justice — Americans are snapping up the rifles for self-defense purposes.

“As the country becomes more volatile and dangerous, many Americans are buying the AR-15 for personal protection,” Carlson said, adding that AR-15s are not automatic firearms and are vastly different than actual “weapons of war,” such as the M-16 rifle, according to Fox.

What about mass shootings?

Democrats and especially the left-leaning mainstream media want Americans to believe that AR-15s are the mass shooter’s firearm of choice, though as Carlson pointed out, that’s simply not the case.

“Despite what you may have heard, AR-15s are not used in the majority of mass shootings,” Carlson said. “That has not stopped anti-gun politicians and their allies in the media from pretending otherwise.”

Even left-leaning Newsweek, in a March report, noted that out of the past 80 mass shooting events, AR-15s were used in just 26% of those incidents — far from the misleading statistics that anti-gun Democrats and members of the media would like for their constituents and viewers to believe.

The AR-15 is only depicted as a “weapon of war” because it looks like machine guns used in the movies, when in reality, it’s a practical, affordable firearm for law-abiding citizens to use for hunting, self-defense, and other recreational shooting purposes.

Democrats will likely not ever concede that the AR-15 is far from the root of all causes of American gun violence, but at least we have prominent figures like Carlson who continue to push truthful information on the subject to the masses.

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