Tucker Carlson: Aliens? 'They've always been here'

 December 22, 2023

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Tucker Carlson is a commentator whose monologues draw millions of people regularly. Actually, tens of millions and more.

He comments on ethics, politics, the world situation, Democrats, Republicans, school, and much, much.

Including the "unseen."

Specifically, aliens.

During a recent panel discussion, on the topic, he said:

It's my personal belief, based on a fair amount of evidence, that they're not aliens. They've always been here, and I do think it's spiritual. That's my view, and it's not provable but based on the evidence I think.

If the U.S. government has, in fact, had contact, direct contact with these beings, whatever they are, I've already told you what I think they are, and has entered into some sort of agreement with them, which is the claim of informed people, I would say, whether they're right or wrong, I can't say … if that is true, it's a very, very, very heavy thing.

Another panelist then suggests, "Angels and demons"?

Carlson explains, "I'm getting into the realm of conjecture, so I just want to say that flat out. But one thing I know for a dead certain fact, having seen it, is that there is good and evil. We're being acted upon at all times, and I think every person can feel that in himself. I mean, there are moments when you are moved to do things that are much better than you actually are, and there also are [things] more evil and destructive than you actually are.

"You are subject to forces outside yourself. That is absolutely true. Now we can argue about what they are but every person in the room, if he's reflective, will tell you 'Yes I know what you're talking about.'

"And so there are forces that are not human that do exist in a spiritual realm of some kind that we cannot see and that when you think about it it sort of makes you think we live in an ant farm, right?"

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