Trump’s upcoming Georgia rally expected to draw tens of thousands

Fans of former President Donald Trump should be in for a real treat this coming Saturday, as he’s expected to hold one of his famous MAGA rallies in Georgia.

According to an update from Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN), the focus on the upcoming rally, to be held in the city of Perry, will be on a slew of GOP candidates he’s either endorsed or plans to endorse, with many of those candidates invited to speak onstage during the event. 

“This rally is a continuation of President Trump’s many appearances in support of candidates and causes that further the MAGA legacy and accomplishments of President Trump’s Administration,” a statement from Trump’s Save America PAC read.

It’s MAGA time

Trump’s rallies, which have become a powerful force in the conservative political world, especially for budding GOP candidates, routinely draw crowds of thousands or more.

The upcoming rally will be jam-packed with various conservative speakers, including Herschel Walker, candidate for United States Senate from Georgia. Rep. Jody Hice (R-GA) will also speak at the upcoming rally.

Adding to the excitement at the Georgia rally will be a fireworks show, which given the fact that it’s under Trump’s watch, one can presume that it’ll be “yuge.”

“Immediately following President Trump’s remarks, a spectacular on-site fireworks display will be provided by Southern Sky Fireworks,” the Save America PAC statement read.

RSBN will live-stream Trump’s rally on a variety of social media platforms, including YouTube, which you can watch here.

Excited supporters

According to interviews conducted locally by WTVM, Trump’s supporters are already lining up for the rally, which is expected to draw a massive amount of rally attendee hopefuls, including Rick Frazier from Ohio.

“I think every rally — it’s pretty much like a family get-together because we met so many people all during rallies across the nation,” Frazier told WTVM.

Frazier, a member of the group Trump’s Front Row Joes, added: “When we were in Ohio and we started doing the Save America rallies, we had about 45,000 and they estimate because of the demographic area, they’d be even higher here.”

Given a string of embarrassing failures by the Biden administration, including the Afghanistan debacle, it’s not a stretch to presume that Trump will have plenty to say to his tens of thousands of supporters on Saturday evening.

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