Trump’s Top Attorney in Russia Probe Just Resigned

News broke late Thursday night of a major shakeup in the Trump camp.

John Dowd, the President’s lead attorney in the Russia probe, announced he is resigning as Trump’s lead counsel.

Not Seeing Eye -to-Eye

Trump seems to be struggling on his first go around of appointments, and that now includes his attorney.

Trump has repeatedly said that he wants to sit down with Mueller and answer any questions he has to get this investigation wrapped up as quickly as possible.

Dowd has disagreed with Trump on this literally from day one and it would appear it is now a serious point of contention between the two.

Dowd Protecting the President

To this point, Dowd has done everything he possibly could to keep Trump out of hot water.

Most recently, Dowd turned over a stack of memos and other documents in the hopes it would make Mueller happy and prevent Trump from having to actually sit down with Mueller.

At the very least, turning over those documents bought them more time to learn more about what direction Mueller is headed, enabling them to better prepare Trump for an interview with Mueller.

Is This a Sign of Things to Come?

There are several assumptions from this resignation that we can make.

First, it could mean that Trump has decided he is going to sit down with Mueller.

That decision seems like it would have been enough for Dowd to step down, as he believes it would be a monumental mistake.

Second, perhaps Dowd sees some writing on the wall and he is jumping ship before it goes down.

Leaving on Good Terms

While the two are parting ways, based on Dowd’s comments, he is leaving the President’s legal team on good terms.

Dowd stated, “I love the President and wish him well.”

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With Dowd gone, it is unclear who will not take over as lead counsel for Trump, but there is definitely a favorite.

Jay Sekulow has been friends with Trump for some time and took the lead in adding Joseph diGenova to the team, so it would not be a surprise to see Trump name him as lead attorney for the case.

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