Trump’s Syria plan yields positive results on the ground

Democrats will never admit it, but President Donald Trump’s plan for Syria finally seems to be working. After Vice President Mike Pence negotiated a ceasefire, Turkey immediately violated the agreement, and shots were fired. This threw D.C. into chaos, as many decried Trump’s move as tantamount to abandoning the Kurds.

However, Trump was just vindicated by the fact that a safe zone has finally been created, which is what was wanted all along, and fighting has ceased between the warring factions.

The Plan is Working

When Donald Trump was running for president, one of his promises was to get the United States out of endless wars in the Middle East.

Last week, Trump upset the applecart when he announced he was going to pull troops out of Northern Syria, effectively leaving the Kurds to fight their own battle.

Democrats spun this as though Trump was abandoning an ally, but that narrative was shattered later in the week.

Vice President Mike Pence flew to the Middle East to negotiate a treaty with Turkey that called for an initial five days of no military actions followed by a permanent ceasefire if necessary conditions were met.

Turkey initially violated the agreement, but the ceasefire has been in place and working since that time. If everything goes as planned, and there is no reason at this point to think it will not, both Syria and Turkey will have safe zones, and stability can take root in the region.

The Establishment is Upset

Establishment politicians on both sides of the aisle were furious when Trump brokered this deal. Our Congress was finally united, but it was against the president, and we all know why.

Politicians feed off military contracts and wars, so budgets will be dramatically impacted if the United States starts pulling out of these conflicts.

The outrage and worry among the establishment got so bad, in fact, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) flew to the Middle East with her own delegation to try to stir up some trouble for Trump in regard to this new deal.

Even some of Trump’s most loyal allies, such as Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), came out against Trump’s troop withdrawal plan.

Though Trump’s strategy appears to be working, it is safe to assume that the attacks from the left will become more emotional and more vicious as they continue to try to find ways to remove Trump from office.

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