President Trump’s private aircraft clipped by another plane in New York

When President Donald Trump leaves office and has to use his own plane again, he may see a few scratches that were not there before.

According to recent reports, another plane clipped the wing of Trump’s 757 while navigating the airport parking area.

The Fender Bender

Trump’s plane was parked at New York’s LaGuardia airport when the accident occurred.

Another plane was working its way toward a parking spot when it accidentally hit Trump’s personal plane.

The other plane involved was a twin-engine Bombardier Global Express plane.

Not long after the fender bender, the other plane reportedly flew to Hartford, CT.

Whether that was its original destination has not yet been reported.

However, Bombardier does have a service center, so it appears as though the plane was headed there for service.

While the damage report has not officially been released, it appears the president’s personal plane is not too badly damaged.

According to the Port Authority, regular airport operations were not impacted by the accident.

Trump Force One

The Boeing 757 Trump keeps for his personal use was purchased in 2011.

The plane was bought from Paul Allen — yes, Microsoft’s Paul Allen.

Allen reportedly received $100 million for the sale of the plane.

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Trump being Trump, the plane underwent some serious renovations after he purchased it.

Some of the upgrades included gold-plated seat belts and fixtures, custom wall coverings, and several home theater systems.

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