Trump’s new press secretary battered and bruised during North Korea visit

New White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham just got a pretty good idea what a day in the life of Sarah Sanders was like.

While accompanying President Donald Trump on his visit to North Korea, Grisham literally had to battle her way into the press area. She came out on the other side with multiple bruises, according to reports.

No Respect

What the North Korean security guards did to Grisham is shameful.

Rather than grant her the access she deserved, she had to claw her way into the areas allocated to the press during the trip.

As you saw in that video, Grisham had to push past what appeared to be an all-male security team.

Things got so bad, in fact, Secret Service agents had to intervene on her behalf. When all was said and done, Grisham reportedly emerged with bruises from the rough contact.

Soldiering On

If anyone wanted to doubt if Grisham will be able to hold up to the scrutiny of our own media, look no further than this trip.

While she was clearly met with some challenges, there was not a single word about it on her personal social media accounts.

She never complained about the bad treatment, not a single word. She is going to need to keep that tough exterior when she starts taking the podium on a regular basis in D.C.

On numerous occasions, we saw how nasty Sarah Sanders was treated, so there is no reason to expect things to be any better for Grisham. She, however, already knows the media will be out to get her.

She spent the last two years working for our first lady. While Melania did not require as much face time with the media as her new position will require, Grisham more than held her own when the first lady was attacked.

It will be interesting to see her dig in and defend Donald Trump as well as how long it takes the mainstream media to turn on her much the way they did on Sanders.

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