Donald Trump’s Plan to Address Opioid Epidemic Calls for Execution of Drug Traffickers

The opioid epidemic is sweeping the nation, and everyone agrees something must be done and it must be done now.

However, when President Trump’s plan incorporated the death penalty for opioid drug traffickers, the liberal media lost their minds.

President Making Announcement in New Hampshire

Appropriately, President Trump is going to unveil his plan to deal with the opioid problem in New Hampshire, one of the states hardest hit by the epidemic.

The President’s plan is reportedly called ‘Stop Opioid Abuse’ and offers a plan to treat both the problem and those impacted by the use of opioids.

Dropping the Hammer on Drug Dealers

One of the reported options in the plan is for the Justice Department to seek the death penalty for opioid drug dealers “where appropriate under current law.”

This is something that will no doubt be portrayed negatively in the media as well as being balked at by liberals and Democrats in office.

In addition, the Trump administration wants to lower the threshold to invoke minimum mandated sentences on drug dealers.

Trump’s Opioid Plan

In all, the President’s plan has three main parts…

1 – Reduce the demand of opioids in America’s neighborhoods.

2 – Cutting off the supply chains of opioids.

3 – Increasing recovery and treatment services available to citizens suffering from an opioid addiction.

One of the biggest ways the administration plans on reducing the addiction to opioids is by cutting back on the amount of opioids that are currently being prescribed to patients.

Within this particular part of the plan is a monitoring system that will be set up to flag individuals going to multiple doctors for opioid prescriptions.

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Democrats have been crying about this problem for years, including during Obama’s presidency, and now Trump is putting a solution on the table.

So, let’s see if Democrats, for once, actually help with the solution for a problem or are only interested in complaining about the problem.

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