Trump’s niece says she would tell her uncle to ‘resign’ from presidency

Liberal journalists have fallen head over heels yet again for another “tell-all” book slamming President Donald Trump, this time with the anti-Trump screed coming from the commander in chief’s own niece, Mary Trump.

During a recent interview to promote the release of her new book, Mary Trump insisted that, if given the chance, she would demand that her uncle “resign” from the presidency, as Breitbart reported.

Mary Trump’s call for the president to resign from office came at the tail end of a lengthy interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos.

Mary Trump’s advice

The former Bill Clinton strategist-turned-journalist referenced a meeting of the entire extended Trump family in the Oval Office of the White House in 2017, shortly after the president assumed office, and asked, “You see the president in the Oval Office. And you tell him, ‘Don’t let them get you down.’ Did you mean that?”

“I did, actually,” she replied, according to ABC. “That was four months in? He already seemed very — strained by the pressures. You know, he’d never been in a situation before where he wasn’t entirely protected from criticism or accountability or things like that.

“And I think, you know, [former National Security Adviser] Michael Flynn had just had to be fired. And from the get-go it hadn’t been going well in particular,” she continued. “So I did mean it — in some sense, you know? I didn’t mean, ‘I want you to keep doing what you’re doing and get away with it,’ and also, so much of what has happened since then hadn’t yet happened.

“And I just remember thinking, ‘He seems tired. He seems like this is not what he signed up for — if he even knows what he signed up for,'” Ms. Trump added. “And I thought his response was actually more enlightening than my statement. And he said, ‘They won’t get me.’ And so far, looks like he’s right.”

Stephanopoulos asked, “And if you were in the Oval Office today, what would you say to him?” After a moment of thought, Mary Trump simply said, “Resign.”

Undiluted hatred

Of course, it seems highly unlikely that President Trump will suddenly stop everything he’s doing and resign from the presidency just because his embittered niece demanded he do so.

And embittered Mary Trump certainly is, as evidenced on numerous occasions throughout her interview with Stephanopoulos — and in her book —  in which she repeatedly lashed out against and sought to besmirch her uncle and her grandfather, among other members of her extended family.

Unfortunately, the left-leaning media establishment in this country is so consumed with hatred for President Trump that its representatives will blindly and enthusiastically latch onto the bitter rants of virtually anyone willing to speaks in opposition to the president.

Mary Trump and her media enablers can demand President Trump’s resignation all they want, oblivious to the fact that doing so only reveals them to be the temper tantrum-throwing children they’ve lowered themselves to become.

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