Trump’s niece to publish ‘tell-all’ book later this summer: Report

Regardless of everything else that has been printed about President Donald Trump, he has long been portrayed as a strong family man by his children and those who know him best.

A new tell-all book due out this summer will test that public perception, however. The Daily Beast is now reporting Mary Trump, daughter of the president’s late brother, Fred, is about to spill the beans on everything she knows about her uncle.

Familial intrigue

Outside of the president’s immediate family members, other members of the Trump clan have been eerily silent when it comes to saying anything either good or bad about Donald Trump.

As it turns out, that may be about to change. According to The Daily Beast, in her new book, Mary Trump reveals that she was a source for a 2019 New York Times report that detailed her the financial records of her grandfather, Fred Trump Sr., as well as other closely-held details about the current president.

Entitled Too Much and Never Enough, the book promises tales that are both “harrowing and salacious,” according to The Daily Beast, and it will conveniently come out later this summer right in time to impact the November election.

Harsh claims

President Trump has faced criticism in other tell-all books, but those accounts have largely come from former staff members who may have had a personal or professional score to settle.

This book, however, comes from a family member who has intimate details about the life Donald J. Trump lived long before he ever became president of the United States.

However, it seems that Mary Trump has a bit of an ax to grind over the handling her grandfather’s will and the distribution of his sizable financial holdings upon his death.

She reportedly also alleges that her uncle conspired with his other siblings to cut off medical assistance to family members in need, according to The Daily Beast.

Among the many tales Mary reportedly tells in her book is a claim that the president has a history of involvement in “fraudulent” tax schemes, something of which the Democrats have been accusing him since he first took office.

Additionally, while Donald Trump has generally characterized his past relationship with his brother Fred as a relatively good one, Mary Trump tells a completely different story, suggesting that it could have been pressure exerted by her uncle that compounded her father’s ultimately deadly struggle with alcoholism.

Unfortunately, given the media establishment’s willingness to run with just about any accusation made against Trump, once these stories gain traction, the president may find himself having to address these claims far more frequently than he would like.

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